About Our Clothing Brand & How We Support Veterans

Morale Check Apparel’s top priority is to boost morale, promote patriotism and ultimately, prevent suicide. We are a give-back organization. We donate a portion of our net profits every year to non-profit organizations that aid military and law enforcement veterans worldwide. The rest of our net profits are reinvested into our clothing brand to allow us to bring you all more products, content, and overall, increase our capability to share our mission to the world.

Our angel donations enable actually certified professionals to give military and law enforcement veterans the professional support that they need. Morale Check Apparel is like a guardian angel, we strive to ensure that our brothers and sisters in arms are given the best professional support they deserve and are taken care of. We are here to give-back!

About Our Logo

Our signature Morale Check Apparel logo is a symbol of patriotism, morale, unity, and strength. The 13 stars are symbolic for the original 13 colonies that declared independence in 1776 and formed the great United States of America. We are proud of our heritage and will always defend this flag. The half smiley face and skull represents both sides of morale. Morale, also known as esprit de corps, is the mindset or mood of an organization.

Morale, both positive and negative, can severely affect any organization and its mission. The contrasting colors of black and white represent unity and strength. Black is created through the absence of color and white is created through the blending of all colors. This serves as a reminder that our nation is a melting pot that is not defined as one color, but through our unity, gives us strength.