Would you like to become an official Brand Ambassador and get paid a commission to wear our apparel?

Morale Check Apparel is looking for patriotic, motivated, and creative content creators to be the face of our clothing brand. In order to qualify, you must have an active and high quality Instagram account that resonates with our clothing brand’s image and message. You must have engaging followers, high quality content, and be able to create beautiful photos or badass videos to share on your Instagram account. All applicants will have their Instagram accounts vetted by our social media team to see if you meet our Brand Ambassador requirements. 

Once selected as a Brand Ambassador, you will receive your own personalized discount code for your fans to use to promote yourself and our brand. You will also be entitled to a special Brand Ambassador discount to use for all future purchases, and you will have secret access to all of our upcoming apparel. Brand Ambassador’s will also earn a 15% net profit commission for any sales that they generate from their posts that will be tracked through their personalized discount code.

To apply, simply enter your personal contact information and Instagram handle in the message field below then subscribe to our email in the bottom right section of our footer. Once we receive your application, our social media team will inspect your account and if your account meets our requirements you will receive an email with your personalized discount code for your fans to use (this is also how we track your sales). Commission payouts will be sent via PayPal every month based on your sales generated. Once selected, complete your first purchase on our website with your Brand Ambassador discount and begin posting content with our apparel to get paid. It’s that simple!

1. Enter your first name and last name
2. Enter your email address
3. Enter your Instagram handle in the message field (ex: @moralecheckapparel)
4. Click send
5. Subscribe to our email list (enter email again in the bottom right side field)
6. Click subscribe

CONGRATULATIONS! We will notify you once your account has been reviewed.

Limited spots are available… so send your application now!